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Arkas Line enhances remote fleet monitoring

Wed 15 Mar 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Arkas Line enhances remote fleet monitoring
Arkas Line is using Orange's network for real-time monitoring and reporting of vessel performance

Container ship operator Arkas Container Transport (Arkas Line) has enhanced the remote monitoring of its fleet by updating its communications with a hybrid network from Orange Business Services. This network includes terrestrial and satellite connectivity, managed IT security, and business virtual private networks.

Orange’s Maritime Connect solution connects 11 vessels and 25 land-based sites to the internet, enabling real-time monitoring and reporting of vessel performance. This allows Turkey-based Arkas to securely manage growing internet traffic across the fleet, providing it with access to critical applications including maintenance software, real-time reports, databases, e-mail, internet applications and voice over IP services.

Arkas chief information officer Mert Oruz expects the solution to improve the data flow between the fleet and terrestrial sites, and enable the deployment of new real-time services. These can incorporate the transmission of electronic data on the status of the fleet, monitoring the consumables on each ship and geolocation for its vessels.

“Our objective was to find a solution with a powerful communications infrastructure for integrating our fleet of vessels into the corporate network and to improve overall operational efficiency,” said Mr Oruz. “Through this digital transformation, we have achieved higher service quality levels by using advanced technology to improve operational readiness and provide better end-user experience for our employees. The vessels are also better equipped to manage safety issues and ensure regulatory compliance."

Orange Business Solutions’ business development manager Ton Ebbenhorst will be discussing how satellite connectivity enables big data analytics at Riviera Maritime Media’s European Marine Intelligence Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 24 April. This event will consider how big data technology is transforming shipping by delivering new solutions for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Data on key trends and developments will highlight the expected uptake and impact on the maritime industry.

GE's Marine Solutions president and chief executive Tim Schweikert will explain the market dynamics and challenges that are driving a digital transformation across the maritime industry. He will describe how data analytics can improve vessel performance and returns from assets.

In a forum of original equipment manufacturers, enginebuilders will highlight their digital solutions for remote diagnostics and analysis. Winterthur Gas & Diesel is expected to present its WinGD service for optimising vessel operations. Engineroom data is loaded onto applications that can monitor performance and diagnose engine issues. This enables shipowners and managers to create dynamic maintenance plans, Winterthur Gas & Diesel engine portfolio manager Carmelo Cartalemi will explain.

There will also be a presentation by Wärtsilä subsidiary Eniram's maritime director Melvin Mathews covering real-time condition monitoring, greater reliance on digital technology and virtual and remote support. There will be a joint presentation by BAE Systems Maritime and OSIsoft describing progress on the Sea-Cores joint industry project, which is developing a method of transforming the torrent of existing digital data from ships into real actionable intelligence.

Other presentations will include:

  • class societies will offer their perspectives on the impact of big data analytics
  • marine coatings specialist International will outline how analytics can predict the impact of fouling control coatings on ship efficiency
  • Rolls-Royce will discuss enhancing lifecycle efficiency and vessel operations through condition monitoring
  • Exmar Ship Management will explain the benefits of condition-based maintenance
  • Totem Plus will present how engine performance trends can be analysed and interpreted over extended periods.

In addition, Metis Cyberspace Technology chief technology officer Serafeim Katsikas will discuss how artificial intelligence is being developed for data acquisition and analysis.


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