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Container shipping enhances IT and communications with VSAT

Fri 18 Jan 2019 by Martyn Wingrove

Container shipping enhances IT and communications with VSAT
Torvald Klaveness combination carriers will have VSAT installed for enhanced communications

A Norwegian container ship owner is investing in VSAT and IT management to improve communications and cyber security while reducing the complexity of its operations.

Klaveness Ship Management has selected Marlink to provide its Sealink VSAT service and Palantir’s KeepUp@Sea platform for ships it operates for Torvald Klaveness.

This will involve Sealink VSAT and L-band backup hardware and connectivity being deployed across a fleet of 23 combination carriers and container ships. Marlink will also deploy its XChange centralised communications management devices and Palantir KeepUp@Sea remote IT service on these ships.

These deployments will support Torvald Klaveness’ plans to optimise its business operations through sophisticated IT and connectivity solutions. Sealink VSAT uses Ku-band coverage for data and voice communications. This falls back to L-band if ships are outside the Ku-band coverage. This is managed by XChange modules.

Torvald Klaveness will use KeepUp@Sea for monitoring, managing and controlling onboard servers and computers. It provides a complete overview of the health status for critical components on board, including verifying backup is performed and antivirus protection is up to date.

KeepUp@Sea also enables shore staff to maintain a transparent overview of the operational status of a fleet, while enabling on board staff with limited IT competence to deal with errors.

Torvald Klaveness head of IT and development Lars Erik Luthman said standardising IT management is a key pillar of the ship operator’s digital strategy.

“With Marlink’s VSAT connectivity as a backbone, the scalable KeepUp@Sea solution will allow us to consolidate our IT operations on a single platform, reducing complexity, simplifying troubleshooting and ensuring that our software, licences and antivirus are always up to date,” he said.

“Through this we are looking to optimise IT management on board and ashore, improve stability and availability across our fleet of 23 owned and managed ships, and ultimately reduce overall operational expenditure.”

Torvald Klaveness owns eight container ships, including six of 2,500 TEU capacity built 2013-2014, plus 2004-built Barry with 3,091 TEU and 2004-built Baro with 1,700 TEU. It also operates 10 combination carriers, including 83,563-dwt Baru, delivered in 2018, and five more 83,563-dwt combination carriers on order at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co, China.

Its combination carriers can switch between dry and wet cargo shipments with minimum ballast between the laden voyages. These are capable of transporting caustic soda solution, floating fertilizer, molasses and all forms of dry bulk commodities.

This is the second VSAT contract Marlink has announced this month as tanker operator Transpetrol renewed its contract for VSAT communications for its existing fleet with Marlink.

IT management and cyber security will be discussed at Riviera's European Maritime Cyber Risk Management Summit, in London in June.

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