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Kontainers accelerates carriers’ digital presence with new product

Tue 03 Jul 2018 by Rebecca Moore

Kontainers accelerates carriers’ digital presence with new product
Kontainers has followed up its Enterprise solution - used by Maersk Line - with new product Kontainers Edge

Enterprise software company Kontainers – the company behind Maersk Line’s booking app – is launching new product Kontainers Edge for carriers and freight forwarders in September.

Kontainers said its new product will make a simplified version of its current platforms available and that for the “first time every shipping brand can get their own branded digital platform live anywhere in the world in a matter of weeks”.

Kontainers chief executive Graham Parker said “In an industry that is used to having middle men, switching to a digital interface between you and your customers may seem like the obvious next step. However, for our customers this is often a step which cause some anxiety as age-old true and tested processes need to change. With the platform approach they maintain control of their brand and their relationship with their customers in an environment which has already proven to accelerate uptake under normal business conditions for main carriers.

“The growth they experience on the platform is a combination of their promotion and pricing principles, supported by a platform that just makes shipping very easy for everyone. We are effectively democratising digital execution capabilities to every shipping brand globally and re-imaging a new genre of freight software.”   

Kontainers' flagship product Kontainers Enterprise now powers own-branded platforms for almost a quarter of the world's top 20 global shipping brands. Most recently it can be seen on, which now shows the tagline ‘Powered by Kontainers’. Kontainers Enterprise was launched in 2017.

Kontainers Edge will begin roll-out to select carriers and freight forwarders across the USA and Europe starting in September with Asia and the rest of the world following in Q4 2018.


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