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Maersk north Asia boss: ‘we have ruled out scrubbers’

Wed 06 Dec 2017 by Rebecca Moore

Maersk north Asia boss: ‘we have ruled out scrubbers’
Maersk has ruled out “expensive” scrubbers and has decided to use low sulphur fuel to comply with the 2020 global sulphur cap

Maersk chairman of China and chief representative of Maersk Group North Asia Tim Smith told CST in an exclusive interview that Maersk has chosen not to use scrubbers to comply with the 2020 global low sulphur cap.

He said “We have ruled out scrubbers. They are expensive and sophisticated pieces of equipment that take a lot of work to install and they actually use quite a lot of energy themselves.” He added that Maersk’s experience of scrubbers showed that it did not look like a very cost-effective solution for the shipping line.

He said that LNG was an interesting option, but Maersk had also decided against this because the bunkering infrastructure was not yet in place and LNG is less energy-dense than fuel oil so takes up more space and requires more infrastructure on board a vessel.

As a result, the company has decided on low sulphur fuel. Mr Smith explained “We already know that we can deploy low sulphur fuel as most of our ships use it already as they have to comply with stricter environmental regulations in some parts of the world.”

CST reported recently that Wärtsilä had responded following Maersk Group’s comments about how scrubbers are not the right solution for them.

Wärtsilä director of exhaust gas cleaning Sigurd Some Jenssen told Container Shipping & Trade “Maersk has been quite prominent in the press stating that it doesn’t think scrubbers are the solutions for them. That is fair enough but what we see in the newbuilding sector shows that actually the majority of contracts are vessels being built with scrubbers – contrary to the message Mearsk is giving out.”


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