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Port of Zeebrugge launches tools to protect against Brexit impact

Wed 13 Mar 2019 by Rebecca Moore

Port of Zeebrugge launches tools to protect against Brexit impact
RX/SeaPort has been launched to minimise the impact of Brexit on cargo shipped from and to the UK from Port of Zeebrugge (pictured)

Port of Zeebrugge has launched tools to enable a fluent flow of cargo to and from the UK, despite extra customs administration which will be implemented after the Brexit deadline.

The RX/SeaPort data sharing platform is an initiative of Zeebrugge port authority and APZI, the Association of Port of Zeebrugge interests. The platform offers a digital connection between all links in the logistical chain.

“After 29 March, the platform ensures a minimisation of the Brexit impact, by improving the operational efficiency and creating more transparency in the logistical chain,” said RX/SeaPort commercial director Wim Fossaert.                 

Every week more than 70 regular shipping services connect Zeebrugge to UK regions.

“RX/SeaPort guarantees a chainwide solution for cargo shipped from and to the UK quickly and efficiently. Ferry and shortsea traffic will experience new customs regulations after Brexit. If these are handled digitally and efficiently, we will avoid problems,” said Port of Zeebrugge chief executive Joachim Coens.

RX/SeaPort has launched a WIZARD, focusing on Brexit's impact on the logistical process, namely transporting goods to and from the UK through a Belgian port. Each phase of the import and export flow is illustrated: booking and pre-announcement, customs declaration, guidelines and procedures for departure and arrival at the terminal.

RX/SeaPort has also developed a digital system, E-Desk Ferry, which focuses on ferry transport. Shortsea traffic can use the existing systems E-Desk Container and E-Desk Roro.

“After months of preparation with all stakeholders, we are very happy to present the first tools of RX/SeaPort to process UK cargo digitally after Brexit. This is an optimisation of the logistical chain in Zeebrugge and will result in a seamless flow of traffic and cargo,” APZI chairman Marc Adriansens said.

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