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Top 2017 box ports: winners and losers

Wed 28 Mar 2018 by Rebecca Moore

Top 2017 box ports: winners and losers
Shanghai beat Singapore (pictured) by 6.6M TEU to be crowned world’s busiest container port

Shanghai has scooped top spot for the box port with greatest volume in 2017 – jumping by 8.3% compared to 2016 and handling 6.6M TEU more than second in the league Singapore.

The figures from Alphaliner show that the 110 busiest container ports in the world handled a combined throughput of 600M TEU in 2017 compared to 565M TEU in 2016, for a growth of 6.1%.

Alphaliner noted that 12 of the top 110 ports reported reduced volumes in 2017, while the remaining 98 ports all recorded volume gains.

There were no changes in the rankings of the top 10 ports in 2017, although growth at the individual ports was rather varied at between 1.6% and 14.1%.

In fifth place, Hong Kong managed to reverse two consecutive years of losses in 2015 and 2016, with a 4.8% improvement in 2017.

Among the 110 top ports that saw their volumes decrease compared to 2016, are Gioia Tauro, with the greatest decrease at 12.4%. Others include Damman, which saw volumes slump by 11.3% and Port Kelang, which saw volumes drop by 9%.

The top gainer was Cristóbal with a 65.2% jump year-on-year, followed by Zhuhai at 37.3%.

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